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Avenel (21 July 1943)

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Red Cross

Avenel Racecourse showing grandstand & track. Last horse race meeting conducted in 1941. Site used at varying times for athletics, gymkhana, cricket and annual fund raising community BBQ's for funding of the Memorial Hall and Swimming Pool. During World War 2 an air raid shelter dugout was established close to the Northern Boundry.

The Annual meeting of the Avenel branch of the Red Cross Society was held in the Oddfellows Hall, on Wednesday, 21 July. Owing to so much sickness in the district, the attendance was smaller than usual.

Avenel Plummers Kitchen, Dick & Margery Webster lived in this tiny house before the main house was built.

Before opening the meeting, the president spoke of the work of the foundation president, the late Mrs Mary Shelton, of her enthusiasm for the Red Cross, and said how deeply regretted would be the death of one so highly esteemed. As a tribute to her memory, the members were asked to stand and observe a minute’s silence.

Avenel The original site where William Campion Registrer of B. D. & M. - at present under a sentence of death as the garage on the Hume Freeway wishes to demolish it to expand their truck  parking - we shall wait & see

The balance sheet for the year, 1942-1943 was presented. As the committee work alternate months for the Red Cross and Comforts Fund. This represented their efforts for six months of the year.

Avenel Waste Collection during 2nd World War in Avenel

The President thanked the committee for their help so willingly given during the year, especially mentioning the collectors and those who work regularly to make the dance a success. She also thanked Mrs S. Underwood for a series of interesting and instructive lectures given during the year.

Avenel Modern day what was the Imperial Hotel now known as the Avenel Pub, don't like the colour, too drab.

Mr and Mrs Stewart and “Joe” were others who earned the gratitude of the Branch for their unfailing support. Mr Stewart’s work in connection with the Waste Products is so well known that comment was superfluous — by the 30th June 1943, he had sent to headquarters over 50 tons of waste. Thanks were due to him also for the help he had given the Branch in packing and consigning the fleeces of wool so generously donated by the graziers of the district.

Avenel Royal Mail Hotel built by J. Hilet approx 1852. Used as a coaching chance station for Express Coaches and other travellers to & from the North East Goldfields. Later owned by F. Ruffy who gave his name to the town "Ruffy" in the Strathbogie Ranges to the North. Later still it was purchased by Esau Shelton and was operated by the Shelton Family until it closed as a hotel in 1903. It has been maintained as a private residence and the site now includes the original railway single box from Mangalore.

Other helpers mentioned were those who were handing in stamps. Mrs A. E. Gadd has found time during her busy life to tear off over 1000 stamps.

Avenel Queen St looking west down towards the cemetery, Post Office on right of image

Those holding office we re-elected for the year 1943-44 — President, Mrs Law rance; vice-presidents, Miss Gadd and Mrs F. Vearing; hon. Secretary, Mrs E. Shelton.

Avenel Avenel Celebrations - Weekly Times -Saturday 3 September 1938

It was decided to ask the Golf to co-operate with the Red Cross in holding mixed foursomes tournaments on Saturday August 14th, and September 15th, when it is hoped a substantial sum will be raised to argument the funds of the Branch. Entry fee for players was fixed at 1 Shilling and 6 Pence. Ladies are asked to provide afternoon tea.

Avenel Site of the Plough Inn, of which I have never seen a photo of the buisness. Any photo's of the Plough Inn gratefully accepted.

To date the Branch has raised over 900 Pounds and looks forward to the increased membership for the following year. Help by the people of Locksley, is raising this amount is gratefully acknowledged.

Avenel Interior of the Post Office - which is now closed in its present location and moved across to the Newsagents & Groceries. Hails & Nails and Avenel Country Kitchens (extension Built On) is in this building.

At the conclusion of the meeting the members present partook of a delightful afternoon tea provided by the president, who was thanked for her kind thought by Miss Gadd.

Avenel Cemetery - Gazetted 1863 - 5 Acres - 8 of 8 images

Courtesy Euroa Gazette "Avenel Snipperts"

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