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Avenel (19 October 1943)

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Avenel Primary School playground - totally different  to what is seen today

School Bazaar and Auction

Following is a list of prize winners at the Bazaar, also the stall holders and gross takings.

Avenel This building was next to the Original Harvest Home Hotel, there were a number of wooden buildings including the bank. Chinese Fruit & Vegetable Shop, Charlie Lim Lam who also made pies & ice cream for sale - vegetables from the Chinese Market gardens on the Goulburn River at Nagambie (Chinaman's Bridge), Brailey, Confectionary, and newsagent Hook. This building was replaced with an extension to the Harvest Home (kitchen) and a concrete building block structure, and next door to that the Bank.

Butter, Mrs G. Sidebottom; lemons Mr Smith; oranges, Robin Richardson, eggs, Bill Spencer; parsnips, Mr C. Ewing; cabbage, Ken Sloper; lettuce Mrs Ewing; cauliflower, Mr A. Freitag; toffee, Miss Gadd; cream puffs, Mary Kennedy; scones, Miss Ewing; sponge, Mrs D. Underwood; best rag-doll, Mrs H. McKendrick.

Butcher Shop Avenel Commenced buisness in 1987, the last remaining butchers Shop still in buisness

All the stall-holders did remarkably well and sold out to the record crowd. The committee and children are grateful to Mr S. Underwood for making his butcher shop available for the meat stall, and also for his assistance.

Avenel John Pratt residence cnr Shelton & Livingstone Sts. This image was done by a travelling artist who also drew a picture of the Flour Mill (Long Gone) and was paid 5 Pounds for his trouble.

Meat stall, Messrs. Ewing, Underwood and Frietag, 13 Pounds, 12 Shillings; cake stall, Mrs Kennedy, Kath Underwood, Robin Richardson, and Janet Whitfort, judges, Miss F. Gadd and Mrs F. Underwood, 6 Pound, 13 Shillings and five Pence; produce stall, Bill Spencer, W. Whitfort, Ken Snodgrass, Ken Sloper, J. Vearing, judges, Mrs McLennan and Mrs J. Ewing, 13 Pound, 3 Shillings and Threepence; jumble stall, Patsy young, Maureen Bollard, Margaret Snodgrass, judge, Mrs Wilkinson, 9 Pound, 18 Shillings and 5 Pence; sweet stall, Patsy Bollard, Clair Shelton, Rita Anderson, Maureen Neil, and Margaret Ewing, judge, Mrs G. Stagg, 11 Pound, 11 Shillings and 8 Pence; toy stall, John Shelton, G. Vearing, John Melbourne, W. Ferguson, judge, Mrs J. Shelton, 7 Pound, 8 Shillings and Eleven Pence; hoopla, Mr Hare (Seymour), Mr Farmer and Graham Shelton, 7 Pound, 2 Shillings and Sixpence; afternoon tea, C. W. A. Ladies, 3 Pound, 10 Shillings and Sixpence; flower stall, Margaret Young, Lorna Sloper, Phyliss Neal, Rosemary Richardson, 2 Pound, 10 Shilling and 7 Pence; Paddy’s auction, school committee, salesman, Mr H. Sidebottom, 6 Pound, 5 Shillings and Sixpence.

Avenel Very early image of the Avenel Primary School

Dance, 4 Pound, 17 Shillings; donations are expected to be about 112 Pound, which will be forwarded to the District treasurer for the Seymour Inspectorate for the School War Funds

Avenel Cemetery - Gazetted 1863 - 5 Acres - 8 of 8 images

Courtesy Euroa Gazette "Avenel Snipperts"

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