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Avenel (18 May 1943)

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Avenel  Arrived in Avenel in 1870 - The house of Edward Plummer and his wife Louisa Letitia had 9 children but only 5 survived. The Plummer family moved to Winterfold in 1880, wife died in 1886 aged 38 and Edward died in 1926. This house was 2 rooms with a corridor between, tiny by today standards.

Concert. The school concert held in aid of the Department War Funds, was an unqualified success. The hall was packed to the doors by a very appreciative audience. The children, under the guidance of their teachers and Mesdames S. Bollard, K. Snodgrass, and Miss W. Gadd, rehearsed thoroughly for the event. On Wednesday night they went through a lengthy and varied program without a hitch and with clearness of dictation and delightful signing.

Avenel Went to New Zealand to look for work, when war broke out joined the R.N.A.F. then served with the RAF, killed on a training flight 8 Jun 1944, aged 25, on St Kilda an Island off the far North of Scotland. Flight Sgt Oliver George (Ted) Reed.

The first half was a varied program - Overture, Piano duet, Patsy Young and Maureen Bollard; Welcome by Juniors; school songs by Seniors recitation, “Empire Day, ”John Shelton; duet, “Will You Marry Me,” Margaret Melbourne and Bertie Pedlar; sketch, “Stolen Sweets,” Mary Burt, Margaret Hicks, Neil Wharton, George Vearing and L. Whitfort; “Stay in Your Own Back yard,” Mary Anderson and Clyde Vearing recitation, “Miller of Dee,” Graham Hicks; ‘Where the Dog Sits on the Tucker Box,” Patsy Young and Margaret Hicks, ‘Don,’ the school dog, filled the role as the dog to perfection. The senior girls acted the song “Hat Shop” very realistically and were roundly applauded. Nursery Rhymes, too , by the Juniors was another good item. Margaret Melbourne and Joyce Sidebottom sang “Two Dolls” very effectively. Clair Shelton was seen to advantage in a recitation “A Tragic Story.” A duet ”Fanny Fail”, by Mary Kennedy and Pats Young was nicely rendered and acted. Evan Laidlow was one of the hits of the evening with his recitation, “A Visitor,”

Avenel The Commercial Bank opened in 1873 closed in 1985, the first Manager was Mr Gibbs, original wooden building burnt down early 1940's. Deeded to Avenel Historical Society (no longer in operation) and brought by the Harvest Home complex, which was recently sold.

The action song, “Flowers Awakening,” where the sun sprites and flowers were gaily frocked in their paper dresses was a specially good item. W. Spencer and Ken Sloper, as Negro comedians, filled the gaps. A short play “The Boy who hated Cows,” was very humorous. School songs and recitation “Goodbye,” by the Juniors completed the first half.

Avenel Queen St looking west down towards the cemetery, Post Office on right of image

The second half was taken up by the tuneful cantata “Dame Durden”, the principal characters were - Fairy Queen, Maureen Bollard; Dame Durdham, Margaret Snodgrass; Tip Tite, Len Underwood; Molly, Mary Kennedy; Jack, Ken Snodgrass. The stage was turned into a bush glade by a plentiful array of foliage, and in this setting the story unfolded in well sung solos, choruses and dialogues, and acted with a sureness that won the appreciation of all.

Avenel Plummers Kitchen, Dick & Margery Webster lived in this tiny house before the main house was built.

Before the program started, the audience stood in silence as a mark of respect to the memory of the late Mrs Bradshaw who had died early in the day.

Avenel Primary School children on an outing

Posies were presented to Miss Moffatt, Miss W. Gadd, Mrs Bollard and Mrs Snodgrass, Mary Kennedy and Kathleen Underwood, and Mr Frietag was thanked by Patsy Young. Mr Frietag thanked all for their assistance and complimented the children upon their performance.

Avenel John Pratt residence cnr Shelton & Livingstone Sts. This image was done by a travelling artist who also drew a picture of the Flour Mill (Long Gone) and was paid 5 Pounds for his trouble.

The net proceeds will amount to 20 Pounds. Mr T20. Stewart gave a donation of 1 Pound towards the fund.

Avenel Same building - the long one,  rusted red roof, showing the original wattle as it looked before the iron was added, this feature has also been removed but is there for all to see in future years - not any more its not the shingles have been removed & burnt, but the shape of the original building remains

A feature worthy of special mention was the announcements by the juvenile chairman, John Rogerson, who had to be substituted at the last moment for his cousin, Les Sidebottom, who had received injury to his eye, whilst playing in the school ground, necessitating the attendance of Dr Serong.

Avenel Royal Mail Hotel built by J. Hilet approx 1852. Used as a coaching chance station for Express Coaches and other travellers to & from the North East Goldfields. Later owned by F. Ruffy who gave his name to the town "Ruffy" in the Strathbogie Ranges to the North. Later still it was purchased by Esau Shelton and was operated by the Shelton Family until it closed as a hotel in 1903. It has been maintained as a private residence and the site now includes the original railway single box from Mangalore.

The euchre party held in the school in aid of War Funds was won by Mrs Williams and a soldier from Mangalore.

Avenel Service Men from Avenel - Taken from "Avenel Snipperts" Courtesy Euroa Gazette Newspaper, Spelling Mistakes are mine not the Newspapers. 
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Avenel Cemetery - Gazetted 1863 - 5 Acres - 8 of 8 images

Euroa Gazette "Avenel Snipperts"

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