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Tamborine State Forest covers an area of about around 610 hectares and is located in the east of Australia. Tamborine State Forest is in Queensland.

Towns, villages or cities in and around Tamborine State Forest include the town of Eagle Heights (show me), the town of North Tamborine (show me) and the village of Mount Tamborine (show me).

Tamborine State Forest also shares a border with Tamborine National Park.

Bonzle users sighted or observed the following birds in Tamborine State Forest: australian king-parrot, australian magpie, australian wood duck, blue-faced honeyeater, common bronzewing, eastern whipbird, galah, grey butcherbird, laughing kookaburra, magpie-lark, noisy miner, pale-headed rosella, pheasant coucal, pied butcherbird, rainbow lorikeet, red-backed fairy-wren, scaly-breasted lorikeet, silvereye, sulphur-crested cockatoo, tawny frogmouth, topknot pigeon, willie wagtail and yellow-tailed black-cockatoo. Is this list accurate? Are you a keen bird watcher? Have you been bird watching in Tamborine State Forest? What species of birds have you seen? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here. For a comprehensive flexibound field guide to Australia's birds try Birds of Australia: Eighth Edition.

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Bonzle users have reported that Tamborine State Forest is a good place for horse riding and mountain biking. Do you know of other recreational activities in Tamborine State Forest? Is this list accurate? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here.

Bonzle users have reported that the following vermin (feral animals, insects and weeds) have invaded Tamborine State Forest: cane toad and lantana. Do you know of other feral animals, insects and weeds that have invaded Tamborine State Forest? Is this list accurate? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here.

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Map of Tamborine State Forest in Queensland
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