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The Tate River Mine is an abandoned tin mine.1

You'll find the Tate River Mine on the banks of the Tate River nestled amongst mountains such as Mount Beauty (486m) and Six Mile Pinnacle (515m) in central Queensland. The Tate River Mine is about 1420km northwest of Brisbane (show me). The Tate River Mine is at an elevation of approximately 317m above sea level.

The Tate River Mine was a tin mine. Do you know what else was being mined at the Tate River Mine? If you do, why not contribute your knowledge by clicking here.

The nearest populated place is the village of Mount Garnet which is 87km away with a population of around 420 (show me a map with Tate River Mine and Mount Garnet).

The nearest sealed road to Tate River Mine is the Burke Developmental Road (34.3km away).

1Ishaq S., Dash P., Sawers J., Kay J., Cooper W., Krosch N., Lam J., Garrad P., & Mitchell G., 1987. Mineral Occurrence Data Sheets - Mungana 1:100 000 Sheet Area, Metallogenic Studies Program (data Supplied On Diskette). Geological Survey Of Queensland - Record

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contributed by Jenkins on 04-Aug-2014
Family connection to Tate Tin Mine

My 4th great cousin John Remilton/Remillon apparently died here.

John was a nephew of my 4th great grandmother, Bridget Remilton/Remillon.

They all migrated from Kilkenny, Ireland in 1854, arriving in Brisbane on the "Monsoon" with other Remilton's, Mackey's and Clancy ancestors.

John was 49 when he died in 1898, approx 6 years after the Mine had opened up.

All of the Remilton's stayed around Ipswich area until their death, except for my g-g-g-g-grandmother, and her partner Thomas Mackey b.1824, who became a respected gold miner in Cargo, NSW, in the gold rush times, whom one of his daughters also had a son named Thomas Mackey b.1885 in Cargo, who is my paternal great grandfather.

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Map of Tate River Mine in Queensland
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