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Picture of / about 'Fisherman Bay' South Australia - Fisherman Bay
Fisherman Bay
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Fisherman Bay is located in east South Australia a distance of about 160km north-northwest from Adelaide (show me). Fisherman Bay has a population of around 300 and is one of the smaller towns in Australia. Fisherman Bay is at an elevation of approximately 7m above sea level.

The nearest more populous place is the village of Port Broughton which is 5km away with a population of around 730 (show me a map with Fisherman Bay and Port Broughton).

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contributed by Brian on 14-Dec-2008 (last modified 15-Dec-2008)
Whats at Fisherman's Bay?
Fishermans Bay Favourite Pastime at the Bay. Fishing with the family.

Fisherman's bay is a conglomeration of fairly simple shacks. Some have been done up but most are pretty basic which adds to the charm of the place for me. There are a couple of good playgrounds for the kids with shelter, a revamped boat ramp with floating pontoon, a public barbecue, shelter and public toilets on the foreshore and a general store with takeaway and petrol facilities. Its a great place to go and fish, relax and chat with other shack owners. It's a place that the millionaires have not discovered yet so there are no pretentious tossers ruining the atmosphere for every day folk. We are the third generation of our family taking our kids (The Fourth generation) to The Bay for family holidays. We love it. Port Broughton is close by with a couple of Hotels and a restaurant and a decent bakery, supermarket and newsagent etc if you want to head out for a meal and pick up supplies. I need to get there more often.

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contributed by Griff on 30-Jan-2009
Fishermans Bay, South Australia
Fisherman Bay Western Playground

As a permanent resident of Fishermans Bay I would like to say that we have two Playgrounds which both have large sunshades over them, two swimming pontoons, barbeque area near boat ramp , eastern end, with another one being built at the western end, Lawned picnic area. There is one shop that has hot food as well as normal deli items, fuel ( no LPG), Bait, Ice & fishing tackle. There are public toilets and a cold outside shower to rinse off sea water. No caravan park although legally as we do not have a park one can stay over night west of the toilet block or by western playground. No camping on beach, no bon fires as shacks are too close to each other and we have to rely on CFS coming from Port Broughton which is 6 k's away.

Beaches are now dry areas during set hours.

Ski-ing is done although the only legal area for ski-ing is in Port Broughton and so skiers are asked to remain on far side of the bay for the safety of swimmers. Failure to do so could result in an accident and then ski-ing laws would have to be adhered to which would mean no ski-ing at all and that would be a pity for all concerned. Speed limit in Fishermans Bay is 30k's which make it safe for walkers, bike riders and motorists. Safe area for children as there is only one way out of the town and that gives then freedom not enjoyed in the bigger towns and cities.

Rate payers in Fishermans Bay have use of the Library in Port Broughton as well as other services such as aPostal Delivery, Medical Clinic & Hospital, Garbage Pick up, Rubbish Dump (expensive like most council dumps) Rural Transaction Centre which includes banking, centrelink and medicare.

Lovely area to holiday, peaceful place to live.

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Map of Fisherman Bay in South Australia
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