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Largest Lakes and Dams in Western Australia

Largest Lakes and Dams in Western Australia

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RankingRegionArea (km2 or hectares)[1]
1Lake Carnegie Western Australia5,714 km2
2Lake Mackay Western Australia and the Northern Territory5,488 km2
3Lake Macleod Western Australia5,141 km2
4Lake Moore Western Australia3,465 km2
5Lake Wells Western Australia1,895 km2
6Mongers Lake Western Australia1,791 km2
7Lake Carey Western Australia1,582 km2
8Lake Cowan Western Australia1,580 km2
9Lake Raeside Western Australia1,383 km2
10Lake Argyle Western Australia and the Northern Territory1,264 km2
11Lake Gregory Western Australia1,043 km2
12Lake Rebecca Western Australia98,479 hectares
13Lake Barlee Western Australia83,700 hectares
14Lake Noondie Western Australia77,044 hectares
15Lake Minigwal Western Australia72,852 hectares
16Lake White Western Australia and the Northern Territory65,062 hectares
17Lake Marmion Western Australia59,792 hectares
18Lake Irwin Western Australia58,466 hectares
19Lake Lefroy Western Australia57,171 hectares
20Lake Dora Western Australia51,675 hectares
21Lake Austin Western Australia45,998 hectares
22Lake Way Western Australia45,802 hectares
23Lake Burnside (Oneahibunga) Western Australia42,235 hectares
24Lake Disappointment Western Australia37,553 hectares
25Lake Macdonald Western Australia and the Northern Territory32,164 hectares
26Lake Annean Western Australia31,951 hectares
27Lake Hope Western Australia31,824 hectares
28Yeo Lake Western Australia30,995 hectares
29Percival Lakes Western Australia28,499 hectares
30Lake Darlot Western Australia26,815 hectares
31Lake Dundas Western Australia25,934 hectares
32Lake Deborah East Western Australia24,458 hectares
33Lake Goongarrie Western Australia24,379 hectares
34Lake Wills Western Australia22,747 hectares
35Lake Auld Western Australia19,911 hectares
36Lake King Western Australia19,454 hectares
37Lake Johnston Western Australia19,102 hectares
38Lake Nabberu Western Australia17,611 hectares
39Lake Rason Western Australia15,454 hectares
40Cowcowing Lakes Western Australia14,873 hectares
41Lake Throssell Western Australia13,714 hectares
42Lake Wallambin Western Australia13,692 hectares
43Lake Dennis Western Australia13,441 hectares
44Lake Hopkins Western Australia13,278 hectares
45Yarra Yarra Lakes Western Australia11,919 hectares
46Lake Tay Western Australia11,571 hectares
47Lake Magenta Western Australia11,441 hectares
48Lake Miranda Western Australia10,113 hectares
49Lake Yindarlgooda Western Australia9,945 hectares
50Serpentine Lakes Western Australia and South Australia9,733 hectares

[1]A hectare is a metric unit measurement of area defined as a square 100 metres by 100 metres. One hectare is equal to about 2.5 acres. There are 100 hectares in a square kilometre (km2)

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