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Bonzle Digital Atlas of Australia

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73 Bores names begin with 'Po'


Pocket Bore, NSW
Pocket Bore, QLD

Poimena Bore, QLD
Point Bore, WA
Point Bore, SA
Point Petit Bore, WA
Poison Bore, SA
Poison Bore, NSW
Poison Corner Bore, NT
Poison Corner Well, NSW
Poison Corner Well, NSW
Poison Creek Bore, NT
Poison Paddock Mill, WA
Poison Point Bore, NSW
Poison Well, SA
Poison Well, NSW
Poitrel Well, WA

Polee No 10 Bore, QLD
Poley Cow Mill, QLD
Police Camp Well, SA
Pollard Well, WA
Pollards Bore, NSW
Polly Well, WA
Pollygammon Bore, QLD
Pollygammon No 2 Bore, QLD
Pollygammon No 3 Bore, QLD
Pollygammon No 5 Bore, QLD
Pollygammon No 6 Bore, QLD
Polo Bore, WA
Polomka Bore, SA
Polpah Bore, NSW
Polythene Bore, NT

Pomegranate Bore, QLD
Pompeter Bore, SA
Pompeter Well, SA

Ponds Well, WA

Poo Poo Bore, NSW
Poochie Bore, NT
Pool Bore, WA
Pooley Bore, NT
Poonarunna 1 Bore, SA
Poonawindi Bore, WA
Poondiabba Well, WA
Poondyne Well, WA
Poonta Bore, WA
Pooramingie Bore, SA
Pootnoura Bore, SA

Pope Well, SA
Poplar Well, WA
Popout Well, WA

Por 4 Goodwood Bore, QLD
Porcupine Bore, NT
Port Augusta Well, SA
Porter Hill Dam, SA
Porter Well, NT
Portion 12 Afton Bore, QLD
Portion 3 Bedford Bore, QLD

Possum Bore, NSW
Possum Well, NT
Possum Well (No.1), SA
Postcutter Bore, WA

Potato Bore, NT
Potato Flat Bore, NT
Pothole Bore, WA
Pothole Bore, WA
Pots Bore, NSW

Pound Well, SA
Pourtia (1) Bore, QLD

Poverty Bore, NSW

Powder Yard Well, WA
Powella Bore, QLD
Powellinna Well, WA
Powrunna Bore, QLD



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