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Bonzle Digital Atlas of Australia

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54 Bores names begin with 'Ka'


Kag Bore, SA

Kahko Bore, QLD

Kaleentha Well, NSW
Kalidawarry Bore, QLD
Kalinga Bore, NSW
Kallawia Well, WA
Kallinta Well, SA
Kallioota Spring, SA
Kallona Bore, WA
Kalmeeta Bore, NT
Kalmeta Bore, QLD
Kalpi (Black Oak) Bore, SA

Kamaran (5) Bore, QLD
Kamaran Downs (3) Bore, QLD
Kamaran Downs (4) Bore, QLD

Kanaka Bore, QLD
Kanandra Bore, NT
Kangaroo Bore, NT
Kangaroo Bore, SA
Kangaroo Dam And Bore, SA
Kangaroo Flat Bore, QLD
Kangaroo Flat Well, NSW
Kangaroo Lake Bore, NSW
Kangathanna Bore, WA
Kaninya Well, WA
Kanjimanilba Well, WA

Kapil Dev Bore, NT
Kapool Well, WA

Karabungun Bore, NT
Karaka Dam, WA
Karanie Bore, NSW
Karanji Bore, NT
Kararabudda Well, WA
Karawon Well, WA
Karbarthirdan Well, WA
Karculla Well, SA
Karga Well, NT
Karkaro No 1 Bore, SA
Karls Well, QLD
Karmona Bore, QLD
Karnak Well, SA
Karoola No 2 Bore, QLD
Karranooka Well, WA
Karrara Bore, WA
Karratta Bore, QLD
Karruna Well, WA
Karto Bore, QLD

Katandra Bore, QLD
Kateys Bore, QLD
Katu Katu Well, WA

Kautarakary Bore, QLD

Kay Bore, SA
Kay Bore, NT
Kayrunnera Bore, NSW



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