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Bonzle Digital Atlas of Australia

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67 Bores names begin with 'Cr'


Crabhole Bore, WA
Crabhole Bore, WA
Crabholes Bore, WA
Cramer Bore, SA
Crans Grave Bore, SA
Crater Bore, WA
Crawford Bore, NT
Crawford Bore, NT
Crawford Well, WA

Creeds Tank, NSW
Creek Bore, WA
Creek Bore, SA
Creek Bore, NSW
Creek Bore, NSW
Creek Bore, NSW
Creek Well, WA
Creek Well, QLD
Creek Well West, WA
Cremona Water Facility, QLD
Crendon Bore, QLD
Crendon Joint Bore, QLD
Crendon No 2 Bore, QLD
Crennans Bore, WA
Crescent Bore, QLD
Crescent Creek Bore, QLD
Cressy No 3 Bore, QLD
Cressy No 4 Bore, QLD

Crichton No 2 Bore, QLD
Cridlands Bore, NT
Crigs Bore, NSW
Crispe Bore, SA

Crocker Well, SA
Crofts Well, WA
Crombies Bore, QLD
Crones Well, WA
Cronin Bore, WA
Crooked Bill Well, WA
Crooked Bore, NT
Crooked Bore, NSW
Crooked Creek Bore, QLD
Cross Keys Well, NT
Cross Road Bore, WA
Cross Roads Bore, SA
Crossing Bore, NT
Crossing Bore No 10, SA
Crossing Well, WA
Crossmoor Bore, QLD
Crossroad Well, WA
Crossroads Bore, NT
Crow Well, WA
Crowhole Well, SA
Crowie No 3 Bore, QLD
Crown Well, SA
Crows Nest Bore, NT
Crows Nest Bore, SA
Crows Nest Bore, QLD
Crows Nest Well, WA
Crows Nest Well, WA
Crows Nest Well, NT
Crowsons Bore, NT
Croysdale Bore, QLD

Cruises Tank, QLD
Crump Bore, SA
Crutching Shed Bore, NSW

Crystal Bore, NSW
Crystal Well, WA
Crystal Well, WA



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