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Bonzle Digital Atlas of Australia

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66 Bores names begin with 'Al'


Alan Bore, WA
Alans Bore, WA

Albany Well, WA
Albarta Bore, NT
Alberta Well, NSW
Albinski Bore, WA
Albion Vale (4) Bore, QLD
Albion Vale Lease Bore, QLD

Alcala Bore, QLD

Aldingham Bore, QLD
Aldingham Bore, QLD
Aldingham No 3 Bore, QLD
Aldingham No 4 Bore, QLD
Aldingham No 7 Bore, QLD
Aldingham No 9 Bore, QLD
Aldinghnam No 2 Bore, QLD
Aldinghnam No 6 Bore, QLD

Alec Bore, NT
Alecs Bore, NSW
Aleenya Well, WA
Alerumba Spring, SA
Alex Well, WA
Alexandria Bore (Government), NT

Algamba Bore, NT
Algebullcullia Bore, SA

Alice Bore, WA
Alice Well, WA
Alice Well, NT
Alinga Bore, SA
Alioota Bore, SA
Alison Bore, WA

Alka Seltzer Bore, SA

Allan Well, WA
Allan Well, SA
Allans Bore, NSW
Allarinna Waterhole, SA
Allawah Bore, QLD
Allawalla Bore, NT
Allen Bore, NSW
Allen Well, SA
Allendale Bore, NSW
Alligator Bore, QLD
Allison Bore, QLD
Allisons Bore, NSW
Allua Well, NT
Allumina Bore, NSW
Allys Bore, NSW

Alma Bore, QLD
Alma Bore, NSW
Alma Well, WA
Alma Well, NSW

Aloolya Bore, NT

Alpha Bore, WA
Alpha Bore, NT
Alpha Bore, NSW
Alpha No 3 Bore, QLD
Alpine Bore, NT

Already Well, WA
Alroy Tank, QLD

Alston Bore, QLD
Alston Well, WA
Alston Well, WA
Alston Well, WA
Alston Well, WA
Alston Well, WA

Altona Bore, WA



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