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64 Bores names begin with 'A' in the Northern Territory


A Bore, NT
A Bore, NT
A Bore, NT

Absolum Bore, NT

Acacia Bore, NT
Acacia Bore, NT
Acacia Well, NT
Acacia Well, NT
Ace Bore, NT

Adnera Bore, NT

Aerodrome Bore, NT
Aerodrome Bore, NT

Air Track Bore, NT
Airstrip Bore, NT

Ajax Bore, NT

Albarta Bore, NT
Alec Bore, NT
Alexandria Bore (Government), NT
Algamba Bore, NT
Alice Well, NT
Allawalla Bore, NT
Allua Well, NT
Aloolya Bore, NT
Alpha Bore, NT
Alpine Bore, NT

Amanda Bore, NT
Amandas Bore, NT
Amelia Spring, NT
Amery Well, NT
Amesbury Bore, NT

Anacoora Bore, NT
Andagera Bore, NT
Anderson Bore, NT
Angeera Bore, NT
Annas Bore, NT
Anningie Bore, NT
Anniversary Bore, NT
Annulica Bore, NT
Anowara Bore, NT
Anr Bore, NT
Anzac Dam, NT

Aralka Bore, NT
Aranlinga Bore, NT
Archie Yard Bore, NT
Archies Bore, NT
Ardath Bore, NT
Arden Soak Bore, NT
Arganara Bore, NT
Arimala Bore, NT
Arinbra Spring, NT
Arltunga Bore, NT
Arno Peak Bore, NT
Arumba Bore, NT
Arunta Rockhole, NT

Ashley Mallet Bore, NT

Atnarta Bore, NT
Atneequa Bore, NT
Attack Bore, NT
Atukera Bore, NT
Atula Bore, NT
Aturga Wells, NT

Austerity Well, NT

Avon Bore, NT

Ayuda Bore, NT



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